Update – A Come Back Based In Ink

Things have been quiet. I have not liked it. But, alas, real life found a way to get in the way. We had a busy summer (something, something, oil paint and latex paint don’t get along so my walls peel…), my real life job became a living nightmare, I finally got Covid (still not ready to talk about that one…), I’ve started going to concerts again….

The weather is changing here in Minnesnowta, and we will soon begin our winter hibernation, meaning life will finally, once again, blissfully slow down. One of the many reasons I love winter, life slows down. Summer is too fast-paced for my taste. With the change of the weather, comes the slowing down of house projects. While there is no immediate light at the end of the tunnel for relief on my job, I have decided I have allowed it to take up too much of my brain space. So while I may not always have the time for writing, I will find a way to make the time. I have mostly recovered from my bought of Covid – let me tell you, that was the second most agonizing sore throat I have ever had in my life – just some head congestion still lingering that I cannot seem to shake, some random lightheadedness, and I still feel like I do not sound 100% normal.

Last month, I took a much needed, rejuvenating trip to Wisconsin and visited my big sister (while seeing Ghost). She has always been an inspiring person in my life, and she did it once again. If I keep plodding through my days, simply resenting the fact that I have no time to write currently, nothing will really change. I have to make the change to see the rewards of it.

Which brings me to the root of my Update post today. To get my feet wet and get back into the rhythm of writing, I have also been inspired by a Ghost fan-fic page I follow on Instagram (dandyxrandywrites). They have been partaking in Inktober 2022, but not in the traditional sense. Inktober is typically for artists of the drawing nature, where they do a piece of art based on the prompt of the day, typically done in just ink – thus the name, Inktober. But Dandy has been posting small writing snippets each day, inspired and containing the prompt of the day. An idea that got my brain ticking. It would be an easy enough way to get myself back in the habit, to get the creative juices flowing once again. I would not have to seek out a prompt each day, as there is already a list.

So, I have decided, why the heck not?! This is my formal announcement that I shall be partaking in Inktober 2022 – because if I say it out loud, it’s real and I can be held accountable for not completing it. I am unsure at this point if each day will be a stand-alone bit, or if I will try and link them together in an overarching story. I have five days to catch up on, so I suppose I will figure that out in the mean time!

Below, you will find my Inktober posts linked as they are released! Check back at the end of October to find them all here in one place if you happen to fall behind! I will not be revealing the theme/prompt until that individual piece is out. However, if you are following Inktober elsewhere in the creative world, they will not always be a surprise to you!

#3 – BAT
#4 – SCALLOP (combo with #5)
#5 – FLAME (combo with #4)
#6 – BOUQUET (combo with #7)
#7 – TRIP (combo with #6)
#8 – MATCH
#9 – NEST
#10 – CRABBY
#11 – EAGLE
#12 – FORGET
#13 – KIND
#14 – EMPTY



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