Inktober 2022 #14

The hole in her chest was growing. The hollow, empty void where her anger had once resided, was left smoldering in ruin. It had been a long time coming, a slow burning build-up that had exploded out in shear destruction.

She had not meant for it to go like that, to leave everything around her destroyed.

Her heart felt heavy. She was not certain what else she could have done. She had tried to warn those around her, to alert them to the rising levels within her. They had appeared to listen. Taken some menial action. And then… nothing had changed.

And now, everything was gone.


3 thoughts on “Inktober 2022 #14

    1. Unfortunately, I am not certain. It came up in my search of stock photos for ’empty’. It was the first image I found that resonated that strange emptiness I had in mind, where you know that there is still life and others out there, but in the aftermath of unchecked anger you can feel so alone and destructive.


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