Well, hello there.

I write a lot, basically for as long as I can remember. I’ve shared very few things I have written, and I have finished even less. This is my first small step in rectifying that, so feel free to poke around.

Welcome to my weird corner of the interwebs. There’s loads going on here…

I have a story addled brain. Creative writing is my companion, my entertainment, and my coping mechanism. I write everything from video game-based fan-fiction, to passion pieces on my favorite things, to completely original creations. I get lost in world building, it is one of my favorite things.

If you find yourself interested in just stories, head over to The Fiction Section, where you will find all of my creative works. There you will find my short stories (or Itty Bitty Stories, as I lovingly refer to them), my Monthly Writing Challenges [formerly known as Line-A-Day Short Stories] (miniature – yes, even smaller than itty bitties – standalone stories that are published roughly once a month, based on a write-a-little-bit-every-day philosophy), my fan-fiction pieces (primarily inspired by the Elder Scrolls and Dragon Age video game series – though no knowledge of these series are required for reading), and my original works.

If you find yourself interested in something a bit more… tangible… head over to The Non-Fiction Section. There you will find my passion pieces on things I love. These may – or may not, depending on your placement in the timeline compared to mine – include things like my favorite Lego sets I own (the appropriately named Lego category), my fur babies (The Royal Emporium), all things related to writing (The Inkwell), my new-found obsession with Eurovision (Performing Arts Olympics), I’ll occasionally tell some real life stories and encounters (Autobiography), some travel stories, and who knows what else.

Feel free to leave feedback on anything! I would love to hear what people think. And if you share an interest, introduce yourself!

Winter Village: Fire Station (Set #10263)

The use of simple, every day bricks to create stunning architectural elements, like the columns on either side of the red doors for the fire truck, and the decorative trim along the roofline. Even the snowman is cleverly designed.

An Update Involving the Royal Emporium

A brief warning, this discusses the looming death of a beloved dog. If this is a trigger for you, I apologize and suggest you skip this one.

Inktober 2022 #15

The rustle sounded again. Looking down, the empress focused her eyes upon the long hems of her skirts. There! The smallest of wriggles!