Inktober 2022 #3

The full moon covered the field in a pale light. The trees cast long, reaching shadow across the short-cut, frosted grass. The boughs themselves were darky, inky, indistinguishable depths of darkness. The air was still, not a breeze to be found. But there was chill to the air, promising the frozen depths of winter soon. The darkened sky above was cloudless and the stars twinkled brighter and whiter than she ever remembered seeing before. She could even note the difference in the hues of white; some were a cold, icy white, others were far warmer. Some still even had colored tinges to them.

Silhouetted against the slowly-lightening sky, small winged creatures flitted about. She watched as they dipped and swooshed through the air, their flight patterns unpredictable. As one swooped past where she sat, perched upon the old tombstone, she could hear the frantic beating of the little creatures’ wings. She loved when the bats were out. They instilled a sense of serenity in her that she had not felt in quite some time.

It was a peaceful place. A place she decided she could stay in forever. A good thing, too, since she would never be allowed to leave.

Inktober 2022, Prompt #3: BAT

4 thoughts on “Inktober 2022 #3

  1. Like how you describe what I now believe to be a cemetery… its that haunting familiarity of I know this, but its off in some ways and I cannot put my finger on it. A chilling feeling.

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