Winter Village: Gingerbread House (Set #10267)

My second Winter Village set – and largely my favorite of the bunch – is the Gingerbread House. I love all Lego sets, but I really love a proper, fully-fleshed out house that has all the rooms a house is supposed to have. A kitchen, a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom. It is still missing how one gets from the ground floor to the upper level, but the inclusion of a bathroom can make up for that error. I think this is one of the reasons I’ve fallen in love with the modular buildings sets, the manner in which you travel from floor-to-floor is included.

Gingerbread House (Set #10267)

The front of the Gingerbread house features a very fancy two-sided fireplace – along with all its candy and baked goods themed building decoration. It doesn’t seem the best for insulating the interior of the house to have a two-sided fireplace that opens from the kitchen to the outside world, but I suppose it’s one way to make sure all your chocolate moulding isn’t melting when doing your holiday baking. (Which, since we’re on the topic, what are the ethics of baked goods baking goods?)

The front entry

Before going inside, the stained glass windows on this build need to be properly appreciated. Along with the mouldings and framework around the windows, and the cute little snow piles and drifts.

The stunning stained glass windows

The first floor interior features an entry that leads straight into the kitchen, with a lovely white and turquoise tiled floor. The interior-side of the fireplace boasts a family portrait and two stockings. The Gingerbreads’ are clearly brand new parents, as they do not have a stocking for their baby yet. There is also a cozy, cocoa armchair, ready for many The Night Before Christmas story telling’s. A blue sideboard with candy swirl knobs have Santa’s cookie and cocoa ready and waiting.

A cozy interior is featured on the Gingerbread House

Upstairs you will find the bedroom and first ever (that I had seen, anyway) Lego bathroom. The bathroom comes complete with a large soaking tub, and festive hanging towels. The bedroom has a decent sized bed, nightstand with swirly lap, and a crib for baby!

The also cozy second floor

I absolutely love the Gingerbread House set. It’s cozy, it’s charming, it’s a fully-functioning building. It’s full of tiny little architectural and endearing details. The way it balances the look of a traditional holiday gingerbread house – complete with candies and piped icing on the roof – with a functional, livable building is the epitome of Lego charm.

Thank you for joining me for the second Wiggly Tour!

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