Winter Village: Fire Station (Set #10263)

This is the very first Lego Winter Village set I have owned. I remember thinking at the time how detailed it seemed. In my years of continuing to collect the Winter Village sets since getting this one, as well as my succumbing to the allure of the Modular Building sets, it has become extremely plain and bare in comparison on the interior. The exterior, however, is still stunning to behold.

Not pictured: the ice skating rink, the fire truck, park bench, and Fire Station Doggo.

The use of simple, every day bricks to create stunning architectural elements, like the columns on either side of the red doors for the fire truck, and the decorative trim along the roofline. Even the snowman is cleverly designed. The look of the red doors are an example of one of my favorite door types in Lego sets. Being they are built of individual pieces, it really lends the construction to the look of a real, timbered door construction. (Granted, the illusion does not quite hold up on the interior…)

Behind the Fire Station’s flag, a light brick is hidden, which is used to light up the interior of the firefighters’ quarters.

From the side of the building with the side door into the lower level interior, you can admire the decorative windows of the Fire Station’s tower.

The side door into the lower level interior.

The interior of the main level is devoid of anything interesting, really. There are some fire extinguishers, a spare helmet, rescue tools, and a clock. It always bothers me that they didn’t even bother to continue the floor beneath where the fire truck parks when it’s in the building. The doorway to the left connects to the foyer of the exterior side door. The foyer also works as the deposit of the Fire Alarm Pole, because it would be silly to assume the fire fighters would traverse the same way they entered the upstairs – down the exterior stairs and around the building.

The Main Level

Speaking of, lets move to somewhere a little more exciting…

Entry to the firefighters’ quarters

Inside upstairs is a well-lit, if not a bit small, common room. It has a small kitchenette where you can make delicious foods, like hot dogs, and delicious drinks, like mediocre coffee. Tucked in the corner is the doggo’s bed, and dish with a bone. The walls have a countdown to Christmas Eve – at least when it was in 2018. A radio, as well as a photo of Fire Dog earning an award of some sort.

Upstairs Interior
The Kitchenette

That’s it for this basic boy! I hope you join me for the next Wiggly Lego Tour!

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