LEGO: My Winter Village 2021

A handful of years ago, one of my childhood best friends and I started a new Christmas tradition: we found a nerdy gift that we would both love to receive and buy it for each other. We would wrap them up and then exchange them on a day when we would make Christmas cookies for our pups. Each year at gift exchange time we would both excitedly shake our respective parcel and wonder aloud what on earth it could be. One year, her older brother was around and he confusedly asked “Wait… I thought you two bought each other the same thing?” Even though we do, we still enjoy pretending we have no idea what the other has gotten us.

It is hands down, my favorite new Christmas tradition.

The last few years, four to be exact, we have bought one another the new Lego Winter Village sets. And thus we have both begun growing our Winter/Christmas Villages.

Lego Winter Village 2021

My Winter/Christmas Village – thus far – consists of:

  • Creator Expert: Winter Village Fire Station # 10263
  • Creator Expert: Gingerbread House #10267
  • Creator Expert: Elf Club House #10275
  • Harry Potter: Hogsmeade #76388 (not yet constructed)
  • Creator Expert: Santa’s Visit #10293 (not yet constructed)

When setting up my Winter/Christmas Village each year – I’ve been doing it for four years now – I try to create small pockets of story within the overall set-up. Things that when you observe it as a whole, you may not notice right away. For instance: there are around five Santas present – though they may not all be your traditional Santa Claus. There are also some surely Stormtroopers and some hunting going on as well.

Creator Expert: Winter Village Fire Station Set #10263 (2018’s gift exchange)

Outside the Fire Station, there are banquet tables set up, complete with Butterbeer and other delicious treats. As well as numerous snowmen that have been popping up.

Creator Expert: Gingerbread House Set #10267 (2019’s gift exchange)

In front of the Gingerbread House, three little magic-studying children are building yet another snowman. While their teacher, is about to scold them for absconding with her scarf. Unbeknownst to her, Mr Gingerbread is not paying close attention to where his snow blower is blowing its snow and is about to pelt the poor professor, while his wife tries desperately to get his attention to change course.

From the rooftop flies Santa3PO, fresh from losing his driver, R2dulph, hoping to intervene in the brewing confrontation across the plaza.

Creator Expert: Elf Club House Set #10275 (2020’s gift exchange)

Atop the Elves’ Club House is the beginning of the Battle of the Santas. Santa Vader and Santa Maul have both awkwardly arrived at the same house at the same time. Santa Fett can be seen in the background preparing to join the battle. It is unclear if these three unique Santas are here to bring Christmas, or to steal it…

Meanwhile, down on the ground, another group of students are throwing their own Yule Ball. Whilst Harry tries to get more attendees to their soiree, Ron hides behind his book, hoping to go unnoticed.

So far it is working, and Ron keeps his fingers crossed that it will remain so.

On the far side of the Fire Station, a Snowtrooper is preforming more snow removal around the banquet area. Oblivious to the fact that his snow is pelting his fellow Trooper – who is just trying to enjoy a cup of cocoa but is also being harrassed by a festive Poe Dameron – he thought he was doing a rather excellent job.

Chewbacca is regretting inviting his old friend from another tribe, as she doesn’t seem to understand that the Porgs are friends, not food.

The real concern, however, is that the REAL Santa Claus has just arrived and he will be none too happy with these pretenders scattered about.

As he arrives with Comet, Vixen, Prancer, and Dancer, R2dulph is waiting to inform him of the impending Battle of the Santas.

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