The Biography of Baroness Blossom Sirius

This is definitely the song to listen to while reading about our little Baroness!

Baroness Blossom Sirius’s Biography

Birthday:  November 28th, 2017

Nicknames:  Chief Beef, Peanut, Itty Bitty Pitty, Pitty Poo, Missy Moo, Moo Cow, Baby B, Chicken

Adoption Day:  April 15th, 2018

Adoption Story:  I was born where it was a lot warmer, a place my Mama calls Texas.  I was born a little different than my siblings, one of my leggies didn’t work quite right.  When I was eight weeks old, I was surrendered to a shelter in Carrollton, TX.  I spent a few days there, where my leggie problem was originally diagnosed as a displaced hip, and it was decided they did not have the resources for me.  A plea was sent out to various rescues in the area, or any with ties in the area that could potentially help.

That’s when I came into the care of a lovely organization called Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue (MPBR).  I got my first Foster Mom, a lovely lady named Sarah, and the bestest Foster Sister named Pepper.  It was here that my new leggie diagnosis came in: hip dysplasia and a broken bone in my hip joint resulting in a highly underdeveloped back right leg.  (Mama says it was the ball of my leg bone that had broken off.)  On February 13th, when I was just eleven weeks old, I had my very first surgery to repair my hippie.  IT was at another lovely place, called Mazie’s Mission.  (Mama says they are an animal hospital in Texas that specializes in underserved, homeless, and abused pets in their area.  They’re an amazing organization, you can read more about them HERE).  My amazing Foster Mama and Foster Sister helped me recover.  They kept my little joints moving and got me through the roughest times.

Once I was well enough, I said goodbye to my first Foster Mama, and Pepper, and was brought north to Minnesota.  I landed with my second Foster Mama, Oneka, and had a second Foster Sister, Enipay.  We started on some physical therapy activities at home, and my new Foster Mama started the job of trying to find me my Furever Home.  As the weeks ticked by, no one was inquiring after me, and my Foster Mama began to think about me joining her pack as a permanent fixture.

But then one day, the fated call happened.  There was someone inquiring after me.  They drove two hours in a huge snowstorm to come and see me.  And it was love at first sight.  I sat in both of the new peoples’ laps and put on my bestest show of cuteness for them.  They brought a big brown dog with them, and he was the best.  We played in the snow together, and I could hear the humans melting. 

My vet appointment that was meant to clear me for adoption brought undesired news.  The vet was not pleased with my progress in my hip movement, and decided I was going to need physical therapy.  My Foster Mama called the lady I had met to give her the unfortunate news, saying she understood if they would want to back out of the adoption.  But the lady asked why that would change anything?  They would figure out how to make it work financially.  Foster Mama then clarified at the rescue would be paying for my therapy, they would just have to take me.  Future Mama said then it absolutely would not be a problem, she would take me to anything.

A week or two later, after much paperwork and checking and phone calls, my Foster Mama brought me on a long car ride, again in the snow.

To really seal the deal and set a good impression, I got car sick on myself 🥴

After getting cleaned up, I was delighted to explore this new house – that had that big brown dog, and a fascinating little creature called a CAT – and wanted to see every inch.  After an hour or so, my Foster Mama said goodbye, and I got to stay in the new house.  I was only sad for a little while, but then the toy basket was introduced, and I settled in for some snuggles with my new parents.

There were toys, blankets, and treats everywhere.  And best of all: my very own Mama and Daddy.

After a few weeks, I started my physical therapy for my hip.  It was so fun.  I got to play in this magic water box.  I got lots of treats, and it was the funnest time.  I only needed it for a month before the doctor declared she was thrilled with my progress. My doctor said I would likely walk with a bit of a different gait for the rest of my life, but that it shouldn’t slow me down in the least. I started developing early on-set arthritis in my opposite back leg in the spring of 2020, and will be on anti-inflammatories for the rest of my life. But, you would never know it most days.

A few months after that, I started obedience classes with Mama.  I did my very best, but at only eight months old, my attention span was not there all the time.  Very quickly, I earned the title of Class Ham.  Mama’s favorite example is that in our last class, on graduation day, we had to show all that we had learned.  We were asked to perform a Laying Stay, while the teacher walked around with various fun toy distractions.  I stayed laying down, but I did not stay immobile.  I proceeded to G.I. Joe crawl towards the toy.  Mama was mortified, the teacher laughed saying “Well, she technically stayed down…”

I have lived up to that nickname every day since.  Not a day goes by that I do not have my Mommy and Daddy in stitches with laughter.  Well, maybe the day when my kneecap popped out when I was only a year and a half.  I had to have that surgically repaired, too.  So, I’ve had two surgeries in my short little life, thus far.

A few years ago, Mama was able to get in touch with Sarah, who fostered me in Texas, as well as two ladies who assisted in the transport of me to Minnesota.  They shared some very special baby pictures of me, as well as told Mama a bit about their time with me.  As well as how happy they are to have seen how much I am thriving in my new home.  And one said it best: “She always had the spunk!  I love so much that she’s grown into it!”

But you’d never know the rough start I had when you meet me.  I’m the happiest, silliest girl you’ll ever meet who’s only desire is to make my people happy.  And to be fed.  I love food.

Some of my Favorites

Favorite Food:  Spaghetti.  Steak.  Beef.  But all the foods, too.

Favorite Color:  Purple; teal is pretty, too.

Favorite Plushy:  Every new Bark Box toy.  I love my Uni-Kitty for lounging by the backdoor, she’s a great pillow.  I love toys that squeak, and ones that I can stick my nose in.  I also love good tug toys.  And ropes that I can sling around, and sometimes whip Mommy and Daddy with.  Or whatever my brother has.  Or whatever I trips on.  And Mama’s slippers.

Favorite Toy:  I’ve never met a toy I didn’t like.  I LOVED my three little rubber Christmas lights that were on a rope and was quite sad when they died.  (I freed them from their ropey…)  I also love little, squishy balls.  Even better if I can squeaks them.  And the pillow from the outside chair (which I have since destroyed).  And my Fairy Godmother Sandy’s slipper she gave me.  And remotes.

Favorite Sibling:  I’ve loved my big brother since the moment I first saw him.  Even when he’s grumpy, I love him.  I just wanna play with him, and cuddle with him, and give him kisses ALL the time.  I’ve only gotten mad at him a couple times.  But I loves him all the time.  I love my little big sestra, too.  I just want to kiss her and play with her all the time.  But Mama says I don’t understand how little she is.  But she sure can pack a punchy!  She just better not lay on me.

Favorite Vacation:  I haven’t gotten to GO on a vacation yet.  But I did really like that time my grandma and grandpa came from Pittsburgh, and they all made more cookies than I’ve ever seen.  I was the designated spatula cleaner.  It was the best time ever.

Favorite Day:  I love the days Mommy works from home, because I like hanging out in the office.  And getting to go out whenever I want.

Favorite Time of Day:  I love bedtime.  The cuddles, the treatsies, the blankies…  But I also love dinner time.

State Parks I’ve Been To:  I haven’t been to any of these yet!

States I’ve Been To:  I was born in Texas, so there.  And now I live in Minnesota, so here.  Then all the states I had to drive through to get to my new home.  Mommy says probably Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Iowa.  Maybe Arkansas or Nebraska depending on the route we took.

Favorite Cars:  I like to watch the school buses and the garbage trucks.

Favorite Activity:  SQUIRREL WATCHING AND CHASING.  I also enjoy games of Tug, and snapping Daddy’s rubber bands, and stealing shoes.

Below are Baby Blossom’s photos from her time in Texas.

Below, are photos from Blossom’s first few weeks in her Furever Home with us.

And then just an assortment of adorableness from our girl.

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