The Biography of Duchess Peaches Lillith

Duchess Peaches Lillith’s Biography

Birthday: August 6th, 2013 – though Mom’s pretty sure she did her math wrong now, and it should be more like April 6th.  But that’s ok, a lady always wants to be younger.

Nicknames: PP, PPD, Pizzas, Baby Cat, Your Majesty.

Adoption Day: August 22nd, 2014 – when I became a House Cat again

September/October 2013 – I became an Office Cat (as you can tell, Mom’s been really good at keeping track of my records…)

Adoption Story:  No one knows where I originally came from, it’s a secret I like to hold close to my heart.  But I first entered Mom’s life in the autumn of 2013.  I was only six months old – so obviously not born in August, Mother – when I was brought to a dingy office.  There were three girls there who were very excited to see me, and apparently, they had a mouse problem.  I was their boss’s solution because one of his other employees had a daughter who had a toddler and a kitten that just did not mix.  And apparently humans do not just give away their offspring.  So, I became an Office Cat.  I lived in this dingy office with these three girls for nearly a whole year.  In that time, I was a miserable Office Cat.  My girls left me every few days for these things called weekends, and I would be furious.  When they would return to me in the office, I couldn’t just show them I was happy to see them again, I had to give them the cold shoulder for having left me to begin with.  But then, by the time I would warm up to them again, forgive them for abandoning me, they would leave.  AGAIN. 

It was infuriating.

But these girls loved me.  They bought me treats, and beds, and blankets, and took work breaks to snuggle with me when they could.  I developed a great talent of playing fetch with my sparkle balls, biting feet, and knocking Sarah’s water off her desk.  My girls tried not to get too angry with me, understanding that I was just an extremely social cat and wanted people around me.

In the summer of 2014, I was catnapped out of the office.  Some little hooligans that lived in the neighborhood came and freed me – I mean – took me out of my office.  I am positive I did not play the damsel in distress in the slightest.  Anyways, after much distress, I was found by my girl Sarah and brought back to the Office.  The girl who would one day be my Mom brought me home that weekend to stay safe.  I met a big brown dog, and a big red dog.  But I was very displeased when my girl brought me back to the Office.

I would not have to wait for long, however.

Later that summer, the company my girls worked for started to suffer some legal trouble.  Some business maneuvers were going to be made, and my girls would be moving office.  They all decided it would be best for me NOT to come, that the new office with new people would not be the safest place for me.  So, the girl who would become my Mom, had a conversation with Future Dad, who in turn talked to HIS mom, and then on August 22nd, 2014, I left the Office for good. 

I transitioned from an Office Cat, to a House Cat.  And let me tell you, best decision I ever made.  If you ever have the opportunity, I recommend you give it a try.

The first week in my new home was eventful.  Big Office Cat – as I had taken to calling Future Mom – did her best to keep me in the downstairs where they lived, but I yearned to explore.  But I also had these big, massive windows to lay in that looked right out into the grass.  The big brown dog played with me, and the big red dog was scared of me.  It was great.  But I still yearned to see the rest of the house.

After I was in my new home for a week, my new parents went out of town for the weekend.  I stayed home with my new grandparents.  I was told by Mom many times that they weren’t used to cats, so I had to be on my best behavior and stay in our room.  Well, Mom and Dad were in for a surprise when they came home four days later to see me sitting in my new grandma’s lap, happy as a little clam.  We had bonded quite well.

I was very sad when they eventually moved to Pittsburgh; I loved to get neck scratches from my grandma, and I loved to sneak out of the house on my grandpa.  I loved the big brown dog, Dexter, and desperately wanted to snuggle with him, but he wouldn’t allow it.  The red dog was scared of me.  It was great.

We’ve moved twice since then, once to an apartment and once to a house.  I’ve gone with every time.  Mom says the walls may change, but the family stays the same.

Over the years, Mom says I have become a completely different cat.  Especially the last couple years of Mom working from home so much.  I don’t think the other girls from the Office would recognize me anymore.  I did get to see Sarah again; she came to visit when Mom and Dad bought their house a few years ago.  She said I was a fat happy cat, which seems a bit of a rude thing to say to a Duchess.

Some of my Favorites

Favorite Food:  I used to steal lunch meat and cheese from my humans when I was an Office Cat.  But now, I love juicy wet food so much.  And my favorite snack food is Buttermilk Ranch Pretzels and Flaming Hot Cheetos.  Oh, I also love the freeze-dried meals my parents take camping.  I also LOVE treats.

Favorite Color:  Black, like my heart.  Or red, like your blood.  I am actually not sure I have a preference, now that Mom mentions it.

Favorite Toy:  I LOVE my sparkle balls.  And anything with catnip.

Favorite Sibling:  I prefer Dexter.  I want to snuggle with him so badly.  And one day, I WILL succeed at this.  But the Other one, she’s just… ugh.

Favorite Vacation:  I liked when I got to go visit my Auntie Sanja.  Or when my grandma came to stay with me and Dexter, back before the Other came, for a week.

Favorite Day:  I like all days my humans are around.

Favorite Time of Day:  I love Dusk.  And whenever my humans sit still so I can have Lap Time.

Favorite Cars:  None of them.  I hate cars.  Especially being in them.

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