Eurovision 2022 – The Sound of Beauty

As I finally emerge from my post-Eurovision Week depression – and a hellish real-world workload – it seemed appropriate to reflect on what has been my second Eurovision.

This year seemed to have everything. Loads of songs I liked, tons of artists that endeared me to them even if I didn’t care for their song, a turquoise carpet, fantastic outfits, an Italian palace, a bit of heartbreak (Georgia 😥 ), heartwarming artist camaraderie, and even some voting drama.

While my wolfie bois, Subwoolfer of Norway, did not win the crown, they gave a tremendous performance, and finished (barely) in the Top Ten. Unlike last year, all of my favorites did NOT finish in the Top Ten, they were instead sprinkled throughout the rankings. (Spain #3, Moldova #7, Norway #10, Estonia #13, Lithuania #14, Australia #15, Romania #18, Iceland #23, and my beloved Georgia and Latvia not even qualifying for the Grand Final.)

Nor did my biggest favorite win. Though, I suppose every year cannot be the year Måneskin takes over the world.

However, with the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and Russia’s subsequent banning from the contest, it seemed inevitable that Ukraine would win Eurovision. And win they did. Not as some say with a pity vote, but with a showing of love from the rest of Europe. A record breaking 439 points were awarded to Ukraine from the public tele-votes. Which I found incredibly beautiful. Perhaps the political leaders feel their hands are tied, for whatever reason, but the people of Europe showed that they do not stand with the brutality and violence Russia is assaulting Ukraine with.

It was a magical week, I already cannot wait for next year and am contemplating rewatching 2021’s show on Peacock. (For us Americans, that’s where you can find it if you do not have a VPN.) I truly, truly hope Ukraine is able to host next year. Show their resilience, their bravery, their triumph, and have a brilliant celebration in honor of their hard-won independence.

Until then, my heart remains with Ukraine.

Eurovision 2022 Winners

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