Eurovision 2022: My Front Runner

Last year I discovered a new found obsession of mine: the Eurovision Song Contest. If you haven’t picked up on it, I’m American. So how did a little American in the midwest find out about Europe’s biggest musical contest? From my B.F.F. that lives in the UK? Good guess, but no. On the coat tails of Måneskin’s dominating victory last year? Another good guess, but no. Perhaps the old fashion news? But, alas, no.

The first bit of exposure I received was around August 2020, when my partner and I were going down one of his infamous YouTube Music Video Rabbit Holes (see my GHOST post for a bit more of that…) and we came across Little Big’s song “Tacos”. After witnessing that glorious masterpiece, we obviously had to extend our Rabbit Hole to explore all that Little Big had to offer. Which brought us back to the topic of Eurovision with the discovery of Little Big’s video for “UNO”, Russia’s entry for Eurovision 2020. Another masterpiece, truly. At the beginning, it had the beautiful intro to Eurovision with the bouncy tune I will forever be able to hear in head. That day, we did not think much more on the topic.

A few months later, around March 2021, would come my first true exposure, when my partner and I watched Will Ferrell’s 2020 film Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. I was completely enamored with the film. And no, not just because Dan Stevens was in it. But because it embodied the sentiment I always state when the Olympics (the sports ones) rolls around every two years: I love the opening ceremonies, if they could have two weeks of performing arts Olympics where we are treated to gorgeous, theatrical, renditions of the cultures of the hosting countries, I would absolutely, obsessively, watch the Olympics. But, apparently, there is not a mass calling for that kind of thing. For whatever reason…

After watching the film, we did what every normal 30-something would do. We stayed up until 1 in the morning, watching all the entry videos for 2021’s Eurovision because it was back on, baby!! (I forgot to mention, 2020’s contest was canceled because of this little death plague we’re living in…) There were some weird ones (I’m looking at you Germany…), but also some delightfully charming ones that we completely fell in love with. My instant favorite was The Roop from Lithuania with “Discotheque.” Other favorites were Go_A from Ukraine with “Shum”, Dadi Freyr from Iceland with “10 Years”, Blind Channel from Finland with “Dark Side”, along with a handful of others that were pretty great.

When I heard Måneskin from Italy’s “Zitti E Buoni”, I was immediately in love. They became my top favorite. And the… they won Eurovision. And are currently on their way to taking over the world. I feel like I was incredibly lucky to have loved so many artists in my first Eurovision experience, as well as having my favorites win. It was amazing.

Now… with all that back story out of the way… I present to you, my front runner’s for 2022. I know, I know, I can hear what you’re thinking: there haven’t been that many announced yet. But I don’t care. These guys are my kind of weird, just like The Roop was the first time I saw them. They have a quirk to them, a catchy song, an incredible dance, and oddly enough… both have worn yellow.

My front runners: Subwoolfer from Norway with “Give That Wolf A Banana”.

It is a beauty to behold and I cannot wait to see what others are announced in the coming weeks.

And in case you’re curious: Eurovision dates are as follows, Semi Finals are Tuesday May 10th and Thrusday May 12th, with the Finals happening Saturday May 14th.

Now, give that wolf a banana before it eats your grandma.

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