Introducing: The Non-Fiction Section

*Update originally posted April 26th, 2021*

You’ll notice a bit of an update – a sprucing if you will – of the site. I decided an emergence from the Dark Ages warranted a new look. Apologies for the quietness on my part, 2021 has not been the kindest of years thus far. It kicked off with a bang with the political landscape of the U.S. looking more harrowing than ever before. February saw the sudden death of my father-in-law. And the months that have followed have seen my inspiration diminish and I didn’t seem to notice the beginning of a new month until it was too far in to justify finding a properly themed post.

I finally found a post that has sparked my inspiration fires and am hoping to get it published before May. And yes, I know that is this weekend – for once. And hopefully going forward we will resume our somewhat-regularly-scheduled posts occurring about once a month.

The other newest update, besides the look, and hopeful return to posts, is this new area – The Non-Fiction Section. My hopes for this corner is to share non-creative writing blurbs, like this. I’ve been rather lost in world building for the last few months, and I think it would be fun to share, so it might reside over here. Or maybe it will be too hard to find and sort, and it gets sorted back in with the creative stuffs and this just remains an updates section. We shall see. In the meantime… stay weird.

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