The Non-Fiction Section

Welcome, to the Non-Fiction Section

Here lies the world that lies outside of my expansive imagination. From my hobbies outside of writing, to writing tools I find and other types of writing, this will be the location for all things non-story related. I hope you will join me for these other endeavors, and who knows, it may expand to include other categories! 🙂

Updates!: This one is pretty self-explanatory. Any blog updates will be found in here. At this time, it is not be planned to be updated all that frequently.

LEGO: Over the past year, we have finally gotten the home office in our some-what newish (to us at least) house mostly set up. Which means… my tub of disassembled Lego sets FINALLY gets to come out to play!! Five years ago when we moved into our apartment, I decided the best way to move all of my Lego sets was to simply disassemble them all. There might have been easier ways to move them, but we were also going to a rather small, one-bedroom apartment that really would not have the ability to display all of my lovely sets I have accumulated over a lifetime of collecting. And in my humble opinion, I have some pretty cool sets. This is where I will show them off!

Autobiography: I’ll share some real life experiences here. They likely will not be that frequent of an occurrence, possibly as often as Updates. But I wanted a place where I can share some of the bigger things in life, when appropriate.

The Royal Emporium: The Royal Emporium is a silly thing my partner and I came up with years and years ago because – for whatever reason – our labradog, Dexter Benjamin, has always been an Emperor. When we added our cat to our family over Labor Day weekend in 2014, she obviously needed a title to keep up with her brother. But certainly not out-ranking him, because he IS the boss. He is, I swear, he’s not afraid of our cat. So our cat, Peaches, became a Duchess. And when Blossom – that precious little nose in my Book In A Bag review – joined our family in April 2018, she needed one as well. She became a Baroness when she barked her approval. The phrase Royal Emporium became a good, encompassing name to refer to them all. Their Highnesses have graciously allowed my partner and I to live in the Royal Emporium, we are just the caretakers. This space will be where I introduce them all, and share any particularly heartwarming stories they may have. They also have their own Facebook page to document their antics, if you want to, you can find them here:

The Inkwell: The Inkwell is going to be where I post about all things writing that I come across. Writing tools, events I’ve attended, notebooks I have found (with the help of my notebook-loving boss), and everything in between. It might eventually break into sub-categories to encompass both my writing things I find, versus my world building (if I decide to share it).