The Fiction Section

Welcome to the Fiction Section.

Here you will find the expansive, perhaps overwhelming, span of my imagination. From teensy-tiny stories, to full works, to fan-fiction, you will find a wide web of items here. As the library gets filled out, I imagine there will be an expansion to the categories. I hope you find something to your liking! 🙂

Monthly Writing Challenges (formerly known as Line-A-Day Short Stories): Here you will find my monthly writing challenges. Each will begin with a prompt for the month. My writing method may differ month-to-month; some I may set the parameters of writing only one line per day, others I may allow my creativity to take me where it will in a day. Regardless of how I writing them, I will allow myself a little extra wiggle room at the end of the month in order to complete whatever story I am telling; my goal is for these babies to be complete, stand-alone stories. Currently my format is just listing the prompt, with a link if applicable, and then my story. If you ever find yourself curious about my process, or why I chose to go a certain route, please do not hesitate to leave a comment and inquire. I am open to explaining things if it is a one time question, or if it would be beneficial I am also open to tweaking my format and adding an explanation to the beginning/end of each post. My main goal right now is to just share my pieces I create, I do not want to perform an information dump on my readers if it is not desired. See blog posts that bury their recipes after paragraphs of inspiration and back-story for my reasoning. 😀

Itty Bitty Stories: These are my take on short stories. Things I try to keep small, contained. Tales that hopefully do not spiral away on me. My hope is each entry will be it’s own, stand-alone piece, but to keep things from getting too crazy in length, I may allow myself a limit of two to three parts when needed. But these are pieces I work on for longer periods of time, versus the monthly blurbs. However, you may find Monthly Writing Challenges being expanded upon, elaborated, and winding up over here.