The Fiction Section

Welcome to the Fiction Section.

Here you will find the expansive, perhaps overwhelming, span of my imagination. From teensy-tiny stories, to full works, to fan-fiction, you will find a wide web of items here. As the library gets filled out, I imagine there will be an expansion to the categories. I hope you find something to your liking! 🙂

Monthly Writing Challenges (formerly known as Line-A-Day Short Stories): Here you will find my monthly writing challenges. Each will begin with a prompt for the month. My writing method may differ month-to-month; some I may set the parameters of writing only one line per day, others I may allow my creativity to take me where it will in a day. Regardless of how I am writing them, I will allow myself a little extra wiggle room at the end of the month in order to complete whatever story I am telling; my goal is for these babies to be complete, stand-alone stories. Currently my format is just listing the prompt, with a link if applicable, and then my story. If you ever find yourself curious about my process, or why I chose to go a certain route, please do not hesitate to leave a comment and inquire. I am open to explaining things if it is a one time question, or if it would be beneficial I am also open to tweaking my format and adding an explanation to the beginning/end of each post. My main goal right now is to just share my pieces I create, I do not want to perform an information dump on my readers if it is not desired. See blog posts that bury their recipes after paragraphs of inspiration and back-story for my reasoning. 😀

Itty Bitty Stories: These are my take on short stories. Things I try to keep small, contained. Tales that hopefully do not spiral away on me. My hope is each entry will be it’s own, stand-alone piece, but to keep things from getting too crazy in length, I may allow myself a limit of two to three parts when needed. But these are pieces I work on for longer periods of time, versus the monthly blurbs. However, you may find Monthly Writing Challenges being expanded upon, elaborated, and winding up over here.

Inktober (a sub-category of Itty Bitty Stories): In 2022, I decided to participate in Inktober – a month-long challenge for (traditionally) the more visually inclined artists in the month of October. I was inspired by a fellow writer I follow on Instagram who was posting, small, incredibly micro-story snippets based on the Inktober prompts. They inspired me to do my own spin on it, creating a bit larger, a bit more rounded-out stories inspired by each daily prompt. While I may not always be able to follow the one-a-day schedule, the goal is to at least keep my creative juices flowing even when in the midst of a mental and time induced writing slump.

The Daughters of Nirn: This is a sprawling tale of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim from the point of view of various (mostly) in-game female characters. Not necessarily a retelling of the plot of the game, but just how the events of the game may have passed these various women by, and how it may have affected them. This series is a study of how the various characters lives are intertwined and how the same event may play out differently for multiple people.

The Three Towers: This series is once again involving The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. However, this time it largely does chronicle the happenings of the game. At least, for what happened with my first play through. It includes the backstory I created for my character, as well her true motive for going down the path of the Dragonborn. It’s also about the connections and relationships she makes along her journey.