Hello there, General Kenobi.

If you have not gathered by now, my name is Whitney and I like to write. I like to think I am fairly alright at it, as well. I also love to read. I love the escape into a world that is perhaps a little kinder than our own, perhaps a little more adventurous, but most importantly perhaps a little more magical.

I have other likes and interests outside of the literary world, perhaps one day I’ll talk more about them. But for now I will suffice with the list of Star Wars, Lego, Elder Scrolls (a video game series), video games in general, Lord of the Rings, Greek Mythology, string music, architecture, coloring, animals, and snow as some of my favorite things.

I currently live in a little red house in the snow drifts of Minnesnowta with my wonderful partner in nerdiness, and our three fur babies (I’m sure I’ll talk about them at some point, it’s impossible for me not to).

Also, I’m new to this corner of the interwebs, so please bear with me as I stumble through figuring all this out.